Monitor reports 'out of sync' error during boot?

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Infopackets Reader Felix P. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I have a brand new Dell 8400 computer. Whenever I boot the computer, I receive an error message which reads, "Digital Input: cannot display this video mode". I've made numerous calls to Dell, have checked my settings, video card drivers, etc, but to no avail. Dell even sent me a new flat panel monitor and a tech came to my house and replaced the video card, but the problem persists. The computer and monitor appear to operate properly. Any suggestions? "

My response:

The problem you are describing is normal behavior for some monitors.

When you first turn the computer on, the video card syncs in and out of frequencies during the boot stage. The change in frequency is especially noticeable from the time that you see the "Windows XP" loading page (perhaps a "Dell" logo page for you) to the time that the desktop appears because the monitor must shift from a low-resolution image to a high resolution desktop (image).

A monitor will never be able to keep up with the speed at which a video card can change a frequency, and so you may see an "out of sync" message (similar to what you've reported). Depending on the make and model of your monitor, the power light may also change to another color (indicating a change in frequency).

As you have stated, your computer and monitor appear to work properly (after the booting has finished). As long as the monitor isn't jumping in and out of sync and reporting this error message after the Windows Desktop appears, then I do not think you have any reason to worry.

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