Insert Rows and Columns in MS Word Tables

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A reader recently wrote:

" [In regard to the article 'Insert Rows and Columns in Tables in MS Word'] ... your article forgets to mention that one must right-click on a cell above or below where the inserted row is to go. There is no Table | Insert menu item in Word 2007. I appreciate what you are doing at this site but this article was confusing because of the omission."

My response:

I do apologize if you were confused by my article.

You are quite correct; I did not mention that you could right-click on a row above or below to insert a row. Note that I said "could" and not "must." Please also note that you cannot just "right-click on a cell above or below where the inserted row is to go." You must first select the row.

I did, however, state that to insert a row, you must first select the row that will move down to make room for the new row and then click the Insert Row button that appears where the Insert Table used to be on your toolbar.

These are choices in MS word; you can have it your way and make your own choice!

Again, you are correct that there is no Table | Insert menu in version 2007, but the article was written with steps to follow in version 2003.

In version 2007, in an existing table, select a number of rows equal to the number you want to insert and click Insert Above on the Layout tab of the Ribbon. The rows are inserted just before the selected row.

The Layout tab of the Ribbon is only available when you select the rows.

I hope this has cleared any confusion.

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