3421 Users Surveyed: Is XP Service Pack 2 safe to install?

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Infopackets Reader 'Dak59' asks, " I've read quite a few different things about Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), but some of the comments I read are varying. Is it safe to install? Would you advise to download SP2, or not? "

My response:

I would recommend installing SP2, as it offers many new security features that are not otherwise available as a "patch" or "hot fix" using the Windows Update web site.

I am not alone in this opinion, as they are countless reputable web sites that are promoting the usefulness of SP2 (including: updateXP.com, winSuperSite.com, zdNet.co.uk, and more). However, it is critical that you go through the necessary precautions before applying SP2 to your computer, as it may result in a failed installation (more info about that further down).

RE: 3421 Users Surveyed: Is XP Service Pack 2 safe to install?

A recent survey was compiled by pcWorld.com, where they interviewed 3421 site visitors who own WinXP and have installed Service Pack 2 on their machines. Here's a snippet of what they had to say:

" ... Service Pack 2 is an important upgrade with many desirable features, especially for the security-minded. If you follow Microsoft's installation guidelines and check the lists of known conflicts in advance, you'll probably get through the experience unscathed -- or at worst have to overcome only mildly irritating conflicts. x Percentage survey respondents who installed SP2: 62% x Percentage of those who had no problems: 74% x Percentage who reported mild problems: 10.3% x Moderate problems: 9% x Severe problems: 4% x Most common problem: Malfunctioning software x Favorite new feature in SP2: Pop-up blocking x Least favorite: New security features that conflict with 3rd-party security software " (Source: PcWorld.com)

RE: What are the necessary precautions needed before installing XP Service Pack 2?

For the last 2 months I've been working on the answer to this question. With over 175 hours in the making (not including the time it took to research and test!), I am pleased to announce that I have completed the 3rd and final draft of my latest eBook, entitled, "Windows XP Service Pack 2 Install Guide: A fail-safe guide for new and intermediate computer users."

The guide will be available for download next week, as I still have some finishing touches to make and plenty of Visitor feedback emails to answer (concerning SP2) that I promised I would answer before releasing the guide.

RE: What does your new FailSafe Guide include?

The eBook includes an in-depth, step-by-step approach to installing SP2 -- geared toward computer newbies and intermediate users -- and focuses on: pre-installation (16 critical steps), critical file backup (2 approaches), service pack 2 acquisition (4 methods) and installation (3 methods), failed installation (4 methods), post SP2 installation (6 critical steps), uninstallation [if necessary], file restoration, highlights of important and new security features in SP2, plus a list of helpful article references.

Watch for the release announcement next week!

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