Microsoft: Windows 7 Family Pack 'Sold Out'

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One of the best Windows 7 retail deals (aside from the $30 student package, of course) was Microsoft's special Windows 7 Family Pack promotion, which bundled three licenses for the new operating system (OS) for the discounted price of $150. Despite rumors that the Family Pack is now sold out across the U.S., reports suggest Microsoft's own stores might still have a few copies.

Family Pack Sold Out on Microsoft Site

A Microsoft spokesperson yesterday told the media that the Windows 7 Family Pack, which includes three licenses (and thus, can be installed on three different computers) had sold out, even on the company's web site.

"The Windows 7 Family Pack was introduced as a limited time offer while supplies last in select geographies," a Microsoft representative said. "Response has been very positive and, in some cases, the offer has sold out. Customers interested in upgrading their PCs should purchase Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate upgrade products."

"Not Very Family Friendly"

That led some puzzled insiders to wonder how a software company, the largest one in the world no less, could "sell out" of packages for an OS it's been trying to push down consumers' throats for months now. "Thanks for eliminating the 'family-pack' discount before the holidays, Microsoft. Not very family friendly!" said (Source:

Well, all of that frustration may have been a bit premature -- depending on where you are. According to reports from ChannelWeb yesterday, residents of the American southwest might still be able to get their hands on a Family Pack before Christmas. ChannelWeb yesterday found copies of the Windows 7 Family Pack at a Mission Viejo, California Microsoft store. While their count was limited, a Scottsdale, Arizona Microsoft outlet said they had "plenty" of Family Packs remaining. (Source:

Still No Official Word on Availability

Is this just a case of Microsoft overlooking two of its stores? Maybe. Or, it could be that the company is simply using this as a PR blitz in an attempt to drive more people to snatch up any deal for Windows 7 they can find.

It could also be that neither retailers nor Microsoft were making enough profit from the heavily-discounted packs. In fact, it's been reported that many retailers, online and off, have now raised the price of the Family Pack to between $239.99 and $279.99.

Microsoft has yet to further comment on the availability of its Family Pack, or if there will be a standard price for the software package once the $150 deal does indeed "sell out" -- so to speak.

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