Massive System Error Cripples Most PS3s

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Earlier this week, hundreds of thousands of Sony PlayStation 3 consoles couldn't connect to the PlayStation online gaming network, PSN. Even worse, many machines couldn't even play disc-based games, online or off. The problem appears to have been tied to an apparently unforeseen error whereby the system clock reverted to 12/31/99.

As of this March 2nd, however, the problem appears to have been resolved. Sony says the issue was related to some machines recognizing 2010 as a leap year, all but completely crashing systems when the clock shifted to February 29, 2010.  Once the date moved on to March 2, the issue automatically resolved. (Source:

PS3 'Leap Year Flaw' Widespread

Still, the issue was an alarming one that affected a massive number of PlayStation 3 consoles. It's unclear right now how many were disabled by the problem, but as of Monday evening gaming portal's survey indicated the issue was widespread.

Asked the question "Has your PS3 been affected by the recent error?", 38 per cent responded "Yes, my PS3 is borked." In second place, at 32 per cent were those who responded that they did not own a PS3. Only 19 per cent responded that they had escaped the issue entirely. (Source:

Slimline PS3s Not Affected

Those machines most affected were the more popular "fat" PS3s, with the newer slimline models operating without issue. (Source:

Thankfully, reports suggest most save game files have remained uncorrupted, meaning all those hours logged fighting terrorists in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 haven't been lost to the ages.

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