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Infopackets Reader Tom 'TeMerc' writes:

" Dear Dennis,

Regarding a recent inquiry about Spyware in your March 17, 2005 newsletter: one of the members of my forum pointed me towards your web site. Indeed the instructions you provided for removing Spyware are generic enough to apply to just about any Spyware application (toolbar or otherwise).

I wanted to drop a line to tell you that I have been fighting Spyware for well over a year and recently opened up my own web site, as well as a forum section. I am also on the admin team over at Spyware Warrior forums. Feel free to check me out, I go under the name of TeMerc there, as I do in many other security forums. I am also a site admin at Calendar of Updates as well, but no malware fighting goes on there.

I would also like to extend this offer to the Readers of your web site, where they can seek trained professional help in removing malwares of every variant. Thousands upon thousands of users get help in these forums every day. Saving them from reformats and at the same time, speeding up their machines, gaining performance and they are told how to protect themselves as well to avoid future infections.

Education is the best tool in my opinion. That is what inspired me to set up my site, it is directed towards the people who are newer to security online. I try not to make things too techy. Thanks for your time, and hopefully, you will find some of the info I have offered helpful to your users.


Tom\TeMerc "




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