Handy Backup 4.0 Review

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Synopsis: Automate your backups today with Handy Backup! Backup data to virtually to any type of storage media -- even FTP servers or over a computer network. Special add-ons are provided to facilitate the backup of MS Outlook, system registry and ICQ files. Restoring is as easy as clicking a button, yet offers a number of options for advanced users.

Handy Backup 4.0: See it in Action

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Handy Backup 4.0 Demo

Handy Backup 4.0: Features

  • Intuitive Windows Explorer-style user interface: You'll find Handy Backup 4.0 extremely easy-to-use due to its simple Explorer-like user interface. Smart Setup Wizard and online help will guide you through all steps of creating and managing backup items.
  • Multi-threaded transfer engine built for Speed: Optimized for blazing performance, Handy Backup multi-threaded transfer engine executes backups in the background with minimum system resource consumption.
  • Wide support for backup media: works with just about any type of storage media, including CD-R/CD-RW media, remote FTP servers, local network drives, ZIP, JAZZ, HDD and floppy disks.
  • Integrated ZIP compression: You can either copy files to their destination as-is or employ built-in multi-choice ZIP compression to minimize your time online and storage space used.
  • 128 bit encryption: protect your data with the highest bit-level of protection used in all Internet communications. Data is password protected to keep prying eyes out!
  • Flexible file and folder selection criteria: An intuitive and powerful wildcards and inclusion/exclusion rules to fine-tune your backup items. Now you can easily compose each backup item by adding as many folders and individual files as you need.
  • Activity log in RTF format: All backup activities are recorded in a log file available in RTF format. FTP connection log allows the user to monitor connection to the remote FTP server.
  • Powerful scheduler: a versatile scheduler makes it easy to define the backup plan and run backup and recovery tasks automatically from hourly to monthly basis. At any time you can do your backup manually or modify backup schedule to fit your needs. Option to run backup process on log on/log off is provided.
  • Logged backups and detailed Help system: All backup activities are recorded in a log file. Detailed online help is available.

Handy Backup 4.0: Additional Features

  • Backup with timestamps and versions;
  • Drag & drop interface;
  • Option to remove old files from the destination folder;
  • An ability to create a new folder at a remote FTP server;
  • Options to set any other program run before/after running your backup Item;
  • E-mail notification about operation results;
  • Restore of selected files only;
  • Possibility to perform full and incremental backup/restore;
  • Uninstall option.

Handy Backup 4.0: Compatibility

Handy Backup 4.0 is designed for MS Windows 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP.

Handy Backup 4.0: Download

Handy Backup 4.0 costs $30.00 and can be downloaded using the link below:


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