Young Kids Shouldn't Use New Game System, Says Nintendo

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Are your kids excited about the new Nintendo 3DS, the upcoming portable 3D gaming system? Well, if they're under six, it may be time to break some bad news to the little tykes.

The Nintendo DS is Nintendo's very popular portable gaming system and to date, the best-selling gaming system in the industry's history. It is particularly popular amongst young children, who love the DS' family-friendly titles. Traditional 2D games are presented on two touchscreens, allowing for a variety of different gameplay styles.

U.S. Release Date Unknown, Price About $300

The 3DS is a bit different. Without requiring any special equipment (such as 3D glasses), it allows users to play games while viewing three-dimensional images on a 3.53-inch widescreen LCD display.

There's not yet any firm release date for the system in the United States, but a Japanese launch date has been scheduled for February 26. It will reportedly retail for about $300. (Source:

Nintendo will show off the 3DS at the company's Nintendo World 2011 event in Japan on January 8-10.

Even Adults Warned About Using 3DS

Not everyone will be able to try the 3DS out at that time. Nintendo has officially announced that, because their eyes are still growing, children under the age of six should not use the 3DS. The company went so far as to note that the device's 3D images could have "a potential impact on the growth of children's eyes."

It's not just children being warned about using the 3DS, either. Nintendo recommends all players, no matter their age, take a substantial break from playing 3D games every 30 minutes.

People who begin to feel a little bit queasy while playing should immediately step back. It's worth noting that Nintendo had previously recommended players of the original DS take a break every sixty minutes, but 3D gameplay tires out a player's eyes even faster it seems. (Source:

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