Mac, PC Users Are Very Different, Says Survey

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You either love Mac computers, or you hate them. You either adore those "I'm a PC, I'm a Mac" commercials, or you loathe them. But what does all of that say about the people who like PCs, and those who prefer computers built by Apple? A new survey looks at just that question.

The survey of just under 400,000 people was recently performed by social networking-style website Hunch, which asked people whether they used a PC or a Mac and then followed that query with a number of other questions. (Source:

Mac Users Liberal, Educated, Urban

Here's what the survey suggests:

Mac users may be more likely to vote Democrat. According to the survey sample, 58 per cent of Apple computer users say they consider themselves 'liberal', while only 38 per cent of PC people said they feel that way.

Mac users have spent more time in school. Hunch found that about 67 per cent of Mac users, or about 2 in 3 respondents, have completed a four-year college degree or graduate degree. Just 54 per cent of PC users made that claim.

A slight majority of Mac users live in cities, while PC users are 18 per cent more likely to live in the cushy suburbs.

PC People Introverted, Good at Math

Other interesting tidbits suggest that Mac people are 50 per cent more likely to throw a party; and, generally speaking, Mac people feel more confident talking in front of a crowd but less confident in solving a math equation.

Mac users also prefer news and pseudo-news shows such as 60 Minutes and Jon Stewart's Daily Show, while PC users like watching Rachel Maddow and Jay Leno. (Source:

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