365HP Batmobile Hits eBay, Going For $620K

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Do you fancy a spin around town in Bruce Wayne's favorite ride? Then head on over to popular auction site eBay, which is reportedly selling a Batman's Batmobile for just a tad over $600,000.

First off, the bad news.

This Batmobile wasn't used in any of the Hollywood Batman movies; instead, it is a replica Batmobile built by Putsch Racing. Also, this particular Batmobile wasn't used by Christian Bale (as seen in the 'Dark Knight' version of Batman). Instead, it's a replica of the 1989 model Batmobile, which starred Michael Keaton as the masked crusader. (Source: espn1420.com)

And depending on how you look at it, a $620,000 price tag may also be bad news.

Batmobile Features 365HP Helicopter Engine, iPad

Now for the good news.

This Batmobile is registered for street use, which means that this 365-horsepower behemoth is ready to tear up some serious roadway.

The engine is from Putsch Racing and boasts the "world's only turbine-powered Bat Car," meaning that the engine was actually swapped out of a decommissioned helicopter -- a Gyrodyne QH-50 DASH (Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter), to be exact. (Source: gmanews.tv)

The Putsch Racing Batmobile uses jet fuel, diesel or kerosene and can reportedly reach speeds of 180 miles per hour. Despite the nature of these gases, it's said that the vehicle does not expel fuel that should be considered particularly harmful. We believe this is a relative statement.

Another neat feature: although this Batmobile is modeled on a car from 1989, there's actually some brand-spanking-new technology inside. The best addition may be a mounted iPad 3G, which allows drivers to access all kinds of different on-board options.

Update: The original eBay listing for the Putsch Racing Batmobile ended September 5, 2011, without a single bidder. For those still interested, the listing has been extended until September 15.

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