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Synopsis: Scared that your boss might see which web sites you've been visiting? Terrified that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) might profile you for downloading music or videos from illicit file-sharing services? Need a way to surf the web anonymously -- all the while protecting yourself against identify theft, hackers, and Spyware? Then stop worrying and download GhostSurf Platinum, today! GhostSurf Platinum ensures your safety online by providing an anonymous, encrypted Internet connection, while other bundled goodies (such as SpyCatcher and TracksCleaner) prevent Spyware from attacking your system and your Internet tracks!

GhostSurf Platinum: Screenshots

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GhostSurf Platinum: Surf Anonymously and Stay Protected

GhostSurf Platinum is a suite of separate modules, all made up with one thing in mind: to surf the web anonymously, and to protect your PC from 'the nasties' online. Here's a rundown on the modules contained in GhostSurf Platinum:

  • Privacy Control Center: allows you to see and block every piece of data that your computer emits over the Internet, preventing even your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from creating a profile on you. With the Privacy Control, you can customize your privacy level in real-time to suit your surfing needs. A variety of options enable you to block personal information, mask your IP address, route your data through anonymous hubs and even encrypt your Internet connection.
  • GhostSurf AdArmor: eliminates all kinds of advertisements with AdArmor, including pop-ups, in-page and paid search engine ads as well as ActiveX, flashing text, animated images, and more.
  • GhostSurf TracksCleaner: protects your privacy by erasing your Web history, temporary files, cache, clipboard, cookies and more to Department of Defense standards, and it prevents undelete tools and aggressive hardware recovery systems from retrieving your deleted files.
  • GhostSurf SpyCatcher: an advanced anti-Spyware product that deletes Spyware, Adware, Trojan files. Best of all, SpyCatcher which updates itself automatically to provide immediate protection from the latest danger!
  • Personal Data Vault: is a password-protected, encrypted folder that guarantees the security of your most confidential documents. Not only will you surf in peace, but you'll also have peice of mind knowing that your data is safe from prying eyes -- even locally!

GhostSurf Platinum: all the tools you need to be invisible and to protect yourself online!

GhostSurf Platinum: Compatibility

GhostSurf Platinum works with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP.

GhostSurf Platinum: Take a Virtual Tour

To see GhostSurf Platinum in action, click here (opens a new Browser Window).

GhostSurf Platinum: Download

GhostSurf Platinum is free to try and $49.95 to buy.

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