Study Matches Dating Behavior, Smartphone Choice

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A new survey draws some interesting parallels between the smartphones we choose and our dating behavior.

According to the poll's results, Android users are far more likely to engage in 'hanky panky' on a first date than those who prefer to use an Apple iPhone or a BlackBerry, made by Research in Motion (RIM).

The survey was recently conducted by, a major online dating website. Survey questions were asked of Canadian singles, and produced a flurry of fascinating findings. The study should be taken with a grain of salt, however, as the sample size was only 1,000 respondents. (Source:

Survey: BlackBerry Users Date Far More Conservatively

One surprise finding is that approximately three out of four respondents said they believe their love lives have been enhanced by email and texting.

Correlations between dating behavior and choice of smartphone may ultimately prove to be far more interesting, however.

For instance, the survey found that 62 per cent of all people who own a smartphone running the Google Android operating system say they are willing to 'go all the way' after just a single date. That's about nine per cent more than the number of Apple iPhone users (57 per cent) who said they'd do the same. (Source:

RIM BlackBerry users, meanwhile, seem to be the most conservative in the survey: only 48 per cent were down with the idea of jumping into bed with someone in the earliest stages of a dating relationship.

Android users were also much more likely than the others to engage in one-night stands; about 55 per cent of all users said they've done so.

iPhone Users Love an Office Romance

Although they appear to be slightly more conservative than their Android-using counterparts, iPhone users are not squeamish about engaging in office romances.

According to the survey, roughly one in every four iPhone users said they'd been in a relationship with someone at work within the past five years, suggesting they're more likely to risk awkward workplace situations than folks using Android or BlackBerry smartphones.

Finally, while they're least likely to engage in intimate relations with someone on a first date, BlackBerry users may be the most romantic: more than two in three (67 per cent) said they've experienced love at first sight. (Source:

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