New Samsung Phone Can Project 50-Inch HD Image

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Samsung has unveiled a new, Google Android-based smartphone that not only records movies, it features an integrated projector capable of displaying a 50-inch high-definition (HD) image.

The phone improves on an earlier Samsung product launched a couple years ago.

This innovative projector smartphone is called the Samsung Galaxy Beam. Those who follow the mobile market closely enough will probably recognize the name. That's because Samsung first gave the Beam idea a spin back in 2010, but scored only modest results.

This time around, however, the company says in the last two years it has considerably improved the technology. (Source:

Flash HD Home Movies on Walls, Ceilings in Seconds

The new Samsung Galaxy Beam smartphone uses a special projector application to convert selected content into an image that it can almost instantaneously use to illuminate a nearby wall, ceiling, or other reflective surface.

The image display system includes a 15-Lumens, LED (Light Emitting Diode) projector. The brightness of 15-lumens is equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent light bulb. (Source:

Unfortunately, the projector increases the device's size and weight to 12.5mm and 145.3 grams -- considerably thicker and heavier than most other smartphones currently on the market.

Nevertheless, it's a handy feature. Users can shoot high-definition (720p) movies using the phone's built-in 5 megapixel camera, then project them or other information onto a nearby surface.

Early reviews suggest the projection system performs rather flawlessly: anything that can be shown on the device's conventional 4-inch screen can also be projected effectively for larger audiences on a wall, ceiling, or table. (Source:

Of course, the projector's performance was best in completely darkened rooms, so users should not expect to use the new smartphone to project their home movies or business presentations in full daylight on the side of a bus or building.

Samsung Preparing Range of Accessories

If you're hoping to turn the new Samsung Beam into a legitimate entertainment platform, you'll also want to hook up external speakers rather than relying on those built into the smartphone itself.

Samsung says it's currently working on a number of docks and other accessories for the Beam that could effectively turn this handheld device into an useable home projector for the average living room.

The Galaxy Beam is expected to be available in the U.S. in July, 2012, with pricing likely to fall in the $550-$600 range.

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