'Port Monster', and 'Places That Viruses And Trojans Hide On Start Up '

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Port Monster

Worried about Hackers? Viruses? Port Probes? Trojan Horses? Well, now you don't have to worry anymore. With Port Monster, you can not only be protected from Internet offenses and attacks, but also, you can know for sure if anyone is trying to connect to your computer. Port Monster is designed to not only manually control connections to your computer through a powerful firewall, but Port Monster will also detect and proactively respond to unwanted connection attempts and port scans against your computer in real time. Port Monster is not just for home computers, it is made for any computer than runs Windows. Whether your computer is a home computer, workstation, or server, it doesn't matter. Block port scans, stop intruders, and protect services running on your computers and servers immediately. Running a service like ftp or email, and want to keep strangers out? Port Monster will allow you to specify those hosts that can connect, and will let you block the rest. This goes for any service running on your computer or server. Stop worrying about intruders and get back to using your computer for what you want(free beta).


Places That Viruses And Trojans Hide On Start Up

Describes and explores the various Windows hiding places for start-up viri.



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