Audio CD won't display Track Title?

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Infopackets Reader Jim B. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I have Windows XP and Nero Express CD burning program. I have burned many audio CDs using .WAV, and .MP3 source sound files. The one thing that can't understand, however, is why the track titles never get burned onto my audio CD. They always show up as 'Track 1' and 'Track 2', instead of the actual song title. Can you recommend a good burning program that will burn titles also? "

My response:

Just to recap: the type of CD you are referring to is a standard audio CD -- the kind that you can play in virtually any CD player. In comparison, MP3 audio CDs (containing only .MP3 files) can only be played in a special MP3-player, or using your computer.

Furthermore: almost all MP3 files store Song Title information, whereas .WAV sound files do not. When you create a standard audio CD, the Song Title information from an .MP3 file is typically omitted, unless you burn the standard audio CD using a feature called CD Text.

The CD Text feature has been around for quite some time, but is not very widely supported. CD Text will only work on a standard audio CD if and only if:

a) your CD burner and CD burner software support CD Text

b) your CD player can read CD Text

Nero burning ROM has a feature to add CD Text to standard Audio CDs: to enable / disable / edit the CD text, you have to right-click each music file after it's been added to your compilation, and set the CD Text (it should be set by default as the name of the file).

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