Microsoft's new Anti-Phishing Toolbar for Internet Explorer

Dennis Faas's picture is reporting that an anti-phishing tool (currently only available in the beta stage of Internet Explorer version 7) will be available to all Windows XP Service Pack 2 users before the full release of IE7.

Here's the full story:

" Microsoft Corp. will soon make available to the general public a tool for warning users about 'phishing' scams that could lead to identity theft.

Currently, such a tool comes only with the Internet Explorer 7 browser, which is available in tests only to a select group of developers.

But within a few weeks, Microsoft will incorporate it into a toolbar for older versions of IE. While still officially a test, the anti-phishing tool will be available to anyone running the Windows XP operating system with the Service Pack 2 security upgrade from last summer. The company will eventually make it available to older Windows systems, too.

The tool was built to address scammers who try to trick people into revealing passwords by posing as legitimate banking or e-commerce site. When an unfamiliar site is encountered, users have the option of passing that address to Microsoft to check against a database of known phishing sites. A 'red' warning page appears when there's a match. Even when there isn't a match, the tool will display a pop-up 'yellow' warning when it sees telltale signs of phishing, such as the lack of SSL encryption when submitting passwords. " (Source:

If you haven't installed Service Pack 2 on your Windows XP machine (why wouldn't you?), you can download my in-depth (and step-by-step) tutorial here:

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Alternative Anti-Phishing Toolbar

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