Windows 7 Discount: On Now, Time-Limited

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Update 2012/11/13: Save $150 with this special, limited-time version of Windows 7 that is licensed for / can be installed on up to 3 separate PCs. Low stock warning! As expected, stock for the discounted Windows 7 Family Pack is quickly diminishing as we inch closer to the Holiday season, and as more unfavorable reviews of Windows 8 are being published online. More about that, plus why this special Windows 7 discount is an excellent bargain is below.

First, here's what you need to know.

After much research, we firmly believe Amazon is currently offering the best deal for the Windows 7 Family Pack discount. That said: the price is fluctuating throughout the day due to diminishing stock and as the list of suppliers duke it out for the lowest price offering.

Some remaining stock of the specially discounted Windows 7 are already backordered through (according to the list of suppliers), though other suppliers are offering the deal for a slightly higher price (in stock) than we originally posted a few weeks back.

For price comparison and further availability, we cross-referenced the Google Shopping site and other similar sites for their prices on the Windows 7 Family Pack. The results, however, were similar to unsavory "bait and switch" tactics.

When we searched specifically for the Windows 7 Family Pack, we were shown the box shots of the item (correct), a lower-than-market-value price (dubious), and the sites offering it with said price. When we clicked over to the sites, however, the 'low-ball' price offer was not for the Windows 7 Family Pack, but instead for an entirely different product. Be aware!

We expect the reasoning for this is because the stock for the Windows 7 Family Pack has already been exhausted on these sites and the resulting product pages are automatically redirecting users to the "next best thing" they have in stock instead of showing users an "out of stock" page. Of course, the product we were directed to wasn't what we searched for, and wasn't a deal at all!

Please note the difference, or you'll be ordering the wrong product. For the sake of simplicity and for your convenience, we have the correct discount link here. It comes from and it's reliable.


Also note that this specially discounted version of Windows 7 will not be renewed by Microsoft as they push ahead with Windows 8, which although is priced attractively, isn't anything like Windows 7. In short: once this Windows 7 Family Pack discounted deal is gone, it won't be renewed.

For those of you who are not sure whether or not to get this or Windows 8: we advise you skip Windows 8 entirely if you own a PC, netbook, or laptop, or anything without a touch screen for that matter. If you use a mobile device such as a tablet with a touchscreen, then you'll be happy with Windows 8. If you think for a minute that Windows 8 is like Windows 7, you will be sadly disappointed. The unbiased user reviews on Windows 8 speak for themselves. Click the link to read for yourself!

As for the Windows 7 Family Pack deal: if you own a PC, netbook, laptop or similar and you want Windows 7, now is the time to jump on this deal from because it quite literally is going to disappear. Do some Christmas shopping while you're at it. Click here to access the deal now, or continue reading below.

Detailed information about the Windows 7 Family Pack discount available through Amazon is to follow, including why it's a good idea (originally published August 29, 2012).


As Microsoft gears up to sell its much-anticipated but poorly regarded new operating system, Windows 8, the company is aggressively clearing out inventory of its established, much loved, and extremely powerful current operating system: Windows 7.

The Windows 7 Family Pack: Huge Discount, Works on 3 PCs

As of this moment, is selling the "Windows 7 Family Pack" (which allows you to install Windows 7 Home Edition on three separate PCs for 1 low price) for $169. In comparison: if you purchased Windows 7 for 3 PCs separately (without using the Family Pack deal), it would cost you over $300, so you can see this is an excellent bargain.

With that said: Windows 8 has already been released, which means there's a rush to liquidate all remaining Windows 7 inventory, including the Windows 7 Family Pack bargain offered by Amazon. And, to make this deal even sweeter, Amazon is also offering free shipping.

<<CLICK HERE to access the Windows 7 Discount Link @>>

This price is effective as of November 13th, 2012 and is subject to change according to Amazon policy without notice.

Now is a Great Time to Upgrade to Windows 7

Why upgrade to Windows 7 if you own Windows XP or Vista? There are a few things to consider.

For Vista users: it's a fact that Windows 7 is considerably much more optimized than Vista, is much more reliable and stable, and is light years ahead in terms of software compatibility. In short, Windows 7 is what Windows Vista should have been when Vista was released 3 years prior.

For Windows XP users: Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP as of April, 2014. In comparison, Windows 7 will be supported until 2020, which means you'll continue to receive operating system updates, fixes, and patches for your operating system until that time.

In short: if you're using Windows XP beyond its end-of-life cycle (April, 2014), your system won't receive patches, and you'll be at risk of being hacked / virus infected, or worse.

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This price is effective as of November 13th, 2012 and is subject to change according to Amazon policy without notice.

Windows 7 vs. Windows 8

Many tech experts find the new Windows 8 operating system very difficult to use on a traditional PC, because it's geared more toward tablets and phone devices. That makes it an especially tough sell, considering it will now take users multiple clicks just to navigate back to the desktop -- and even worse, there is no Start Menu to launch programs. The unbiased user reviews on Windows 8 speak for themselves and all have valid points.

On the other hand, Windows 7 gives you everything you come to expect: a Start Menu, an easy way to navigate your desktop, and plenty of powerful features that make working and playing with your computers much faster, easier, and more fun.

Windows 7 is also known and appreciated for capabilities that simplify desktop navigation, that start programs fast and easy, and that quickly find folders and documents stored anywhere on your computer.  

With Windows 7, it's a breeze to set up a home network, to share photos, videos, and music, to attach wireless printers, even to watch, pause, rewind, and record TV.

With the Microsoft Windows 7 Family Pack, you don't need to change anything to get your computer to work the way you've been accustomed to using it. You'll get the interface that everyone knows and loves -- plus, this special deal covers installations on up to 3 PCs / laptops / netbooks (and similar), which means you'll be saving a bundle (approximately $150 of savings, if purchased separately).

Windows 7 Family Pack: a Time-Limited Offer

If you have a computer that's about to be cut off from future support, as will happen shortly with Windows XP, you now have a much better option than scrapping your machine and paying for a new one.

Starting right now, you can buy the Windows 7 Family Pack through Amazon at the lowest price anywhere, just $169 -- complete with free shipping.

And don't forget: you're getting not one, not two, but three complete operating systems you can legally install and maintain on three different computers. This price is effective as of November 13th, 2012 and is subject to change according to Amazon policy without notice (plus or minus a few dollars, depending on stock and availability).

If you're wondering what to do with your Windows XP or Vista computers, here's a great new opportunity. But hurry, no one knows how long this offer will be available at this price.

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This price is effective as of November 13th, 2012 and is subject to change according to Amazon policy without notice.

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