'Refresh Force', and ' Recover Chk Files'

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Refresh Force

Fed up of getting 60Hz or 75Hz in your favourite OpenGL/Direct3D/DirectX games (e.g. Quake 1/2/3, Half-Life, Unreal, or Deus Ex) instead of the 120Hz your display adapter & monitor are capable of? Yes? Then download this FREE program, and enjoy higher display frequencies without the hassle of installing special drivers. RefreshForce universally and permanently fixes the Windows 2000/XP refresh rate problem on ANY variation of graphics cards, monitors, or drivers!!! No messing around, no hassle, it works and it's simple!


Recover .CHK Files

Any time a program or Windows crashes, any files that were open are not closed properly. Part of closing is writing all the file location information in all the right places. Without this info, Windows can't find all the parts of the file. When scandisk or CHKDSK [check disk] is run, all the parts are identified as 'lost file fragments' and converted (if you want) into .CHK files. The files can then be recovered.


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