Apple iPad Fan Conned Into Buying a 'MirrorPad'

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A woman who thought she was buying a previously-owned iPad for just $200 ended up with nothing more than a tacky mirror.

According to reports, Jalonta Freeman was approached in an Arlington, Texas, gas station by a stranger offering to sell her his iPad.

The mysterious stranger allegedly told Freeman she could buy the tablet from him for a quarter of the iPad's retail price of $800.

Freeman agreed to the deal. She immediately handed over the cash and the stranger handed her what appeared to be an iPad in its original packaging.

Fake iPad Looks Real -- From a Distance

Unfortunately, when Freeman opened the box she found nothing more than a mirror with a silver coat of paint and a fake Apple logo slapped on the back. (Source:

Covering the front were retail labels and price tags, making the device look somewhat official -- from a distance of fifty yards, or so.

Freeman's initial reaction: to let the curse words fly. "I just started cussing," Freeman told a local TV reporter. "I was upset. Anybody would be upset if you found out you just got scammed, you know what I'm saying? You just lost $200."

Freeman says she's livid about the mysterious stranger. "That's so messed up," noted Freeman, who admitted she felt silly after the deal went down. "That's so wrong. I would never do anybody like that."

Freeman's only piece of advice for the man who sold her what some are calling a 'mirrorpad': "Get a job." (Source:

Expert Advice: Do Your Research

For her part, Freeman insisted she would no longer buy electronics from random people on the street, having learned her lesson the hard way.

If she's ever confronted with a remarkable bargain in the future, she might want to do some research before she turns over the cash. After all, most iPads don't sell for $800 new, let alone used.

Right now, lists a brand new 64GB WiFi 9.7-inch Retina display iPad for $699.99. The 16GB model is available for $499.99. (Source:

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