Reinstall / Repair Internet Explorer?

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Infopackets Reader Morris K. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

Whenever I click on my EarthLink icon to start the Internet (and to launch Internet Explorer), my computer freezes up for a few minutes -- and then all the sudden, I have 50 or 60 copies of Internet Explorer (IE) sitting in my task bar! The odd thing is that if I try to close some of the windows, more IE Windows start re-launching. I am stumped how to solve this. Is there a way to reinstall or repair Internet Explorer? "

My response:

It's possible that your computer was infected with Spyware and the Spyware infection wasn't properly cleaned up, leaving you with a quirky system. And yes, you can repair Internet Explorer, but I'd advise you try a few things before doing so:

1. Run a Spyware scan -- and most importantly, ensure that the Spyware program you're using has the latest updates (very important!). If you haven't tried Spyware Doctor, you can download a copy here [comes complete with the latest Spyware definitions]. Spyware Doctor has recently won PC Magazine's Editor's Pick and is touted a 5/5 by -- two very reputable online sources.

2. If a Spyware scan doesn't turn up anything peculiar, try uninstalling EarthLink and reinstall it again. I personally don't use EarthLink as my Internet Provider (ISP), but I believe they use their own branded version of Internet Explorer. Reinstalling EarthLink may resolve the issue.

3. If IE is still not working, issue a repair. I would also suggest you reset your URL monitor as this is also related to problems opening Internet Explorer windows. Refer to these Gazette articles for more info:

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4. If you are still unsuccessful after the repair, it may be easiest just to reinstall Windows. I would recommend formatting the hard drive first (a clean install is always best, rather than reinstalling Windows over top of an existing copy). I have compiled in-depth eBook and video tutorial which explains how to locate and backup your most important files, format the hard drive, and reinstall Windows (for all versions):

How to Reinstall Windows

Good luck!

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