McDonald's Security System Sprays Crooks with DNA

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After it suffered a number of costly robberies in Australia, McDonald's is testing a new DNA-based security system. The new system, called 'Intruder Spray,' coats thieves with an invisible substance that remains on their body even after considerable time has passed.

UK-based SelectaDNA has been hired to install the security system in more than 750 of McDonald's Australian restaurants. In each participating restaurant, the Intruder Spray system is positioned above the doorway and connected to an alarm.

Once activated, the system sprays a "non-toxic, invisible DNA solution" which can remain on clothing and bare skin for up to six months, even after several washings. According to reports, the solution literally "clings to (clothing) fibers and sits in the creases of the skin."

Hats, handbags, and weapons sprayed with the solution will also remain coated for a substantial amount of time. (Source:

System Provides Irrefutable Evidence

This kind of DNA-based spray system is an established concept in the security field and was first introduced nearly five years ago. In fact, before the McDonald's order, Intruder Spray systems were already installed in 13 Australian restaurants.

Its planned installation in almost every McDonald's restaurant in Australia stems from its appeal: the potential to provide irrefutable evidence linking a guilty party to a crime scene.

According to reports, police can easily identify someone who has been sprayed with the invisible solution by using a special UV light emitting diode (LED) device. Any material carrying the solution will reflect a light-blue tint.

DNA Solution An Effective Deterrent

Many experts believe the Intruder Spray system will be enough to deter criminals from targeting McDonald's. As SelectaDNA states on its website, the company's spray is one of the "most effective ways to deter commercial burglaries" since "criminals are petrified of DNA technology." (Source:

After most break-ins, police officers and forensics personnel must invest countless hours collecting and matching DNA samples from those accused of a crime. Intruder Spray provides an important new tool for helping law enforcement officials more easily find and identify suspects.

There is no word yet on whether this system will be installed in any McDonald's restaurants in North America.

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