'Config Inspector', and 'The Hunt Is On'

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Config Inspector

ConfigInspector displays the most important information about your system. The application possesses the same features as Windows XP task manager and much more! Key features of ConfigInspector: Displays list of working applications, Displays list of working processes, Monitors the memory status, Monitors the CPU and network utilization, .Displays the full list of CPU capabilities, Displays important Windows OS parameters, Displays Windows Network parameters, .Displays HDD status and information, Displays videocard information, Displayes soundcard information, ConfigInspector works under Windows 2000/XP/2003 only.


The Hunt Is On

This is a guide to Internet reconnaissance - a guide to finding out as much as you can concerning a target via the Internet. Utilizing publicly available resources, we can quickly learn a good deal about a suspicious host, such as its service provider and originating country. Coupled with real-world knowledge, we can assess the threat posed by a would-be attacker and react accordingly. Along with a good idea of where to start, this requires some basic working knowledge of the Internet and the communication for which it provides.


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