myIDkey: Voice-Activated Password Protection

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A new 'Kickstarter' project is getting a whole lot of attention from PC security experts. That's because the device attached to the project 'myIDkey' is a USB stick that effectively protects a user's passwords by using cutting-edge security technologies.

Kickstarter is an online funding and investment service that allows everyday people to invest in ideas they like.

The company behind a product establishes an investment goal and if enough people contribute and that firm reaches its goal, it gets to use the cash towards developing the new product.

Those who invest get a share in the new company. (Source:

USB Drive Scans Computer for Relevant Data

In this case, the people behind myIDkey have set a $150,000 goal and so far have raised just over $100,000. Those who pledge $99 to the project get a free myIDkey and a pair of unique protective sleeves for the device.

So, what does myIDkey do?

After plugging the device into your computer's USB drive, myIDkey will search your computer for pertinent information and will then request you fill in a number of forms. (Source:

It's an incredibly fast tool that will establish a database of your most important logins, passwords, account numbers, and screen names in just a few minutes. The more passwords and account numbers you have, the more useful this product will be.

Fingerprint, Voice, Tap Security Measures Included

If you're worried about security, note that accessing myIDkey requires swiping a thumb or finger and saying a password into the attached microphone.

If that's not enough security for you, myIDkey will even allow users to establish a tap sequence to protect stored data. For example, tapping three times fast and four times slow could be used to unlock the device.

This device also supports voice searching, so you can sift through all of the stored information simply by saying a few words (for example: "Chase Savings"). (Source:

Finally, if someone steals your myIDkey and repeatedly attempts and fails to access the stored data, the device will automatically wipe out that information.

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