Fraud Alert: (eBay)

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Fraud Alert!

I just wanted to alert everyone of the latest email fraud / phishing scam that claims to pay eBay / Paypal customers $20 dollars for answering a supposed eBay-related survey. On the, the page states that you must "enter your credit card information linked with your eBay and/or Paypal account ... [and then they] will deposit the $20 cash back directly to your account within three business days of your next purchase."

Of course, nothing of the sort will happen -- and quite the opposite, I might add!

At the time of composing this article, the web site is still fully operational (and still stealing credit card numbers from unsuspecting folks). The email message I received [supposedly] from, entitled "eBay special offer", reads:

" Dear Valued Member,

You have been chosen by the eBay online department to take part in our quick and easy 6 question survey. In return we will credit $20 to your account - Just for your time!

Helping us better understand how our customers feel benefits everyone. With the information collected we can decide to direct a number of changes to improve an expand our online service.

The information you provide us is all non-sensitive and anonymous - No part of it is handed down to any third party groups. It will be stored in our secure database for maximum of 7 days while we process the results of this nationwide survey. We kindly ask you to please spare two minutes of your time in taking part with this unique offer!

To Continue click on the link below:


Many Thanks and Kind Regards -
eBay Customer Department "

Once again: this is a scam. If you know of anyone who can benefit from this information, please click the "send to friends" link at the top of this page.

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