Apple iPhone 5S May Not Ship This Summer: Report

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Plans for a summer 2013 release of the Apple iPhone 5S have reportedly been delayed as the company looks to put the finishing touches on a few new features. Among those features providing a delay: fingerprint-sensing technology that is appearing on a smartphone for the very first time.

Originally it was believed the iPhone 5S would ship in June. Now, experts are suggesting component problems could delay a launch to late summer or even the fall. (Source:

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo, the problem stems from interference between the touch sensors that appear on the outside of the device and the kind of black-and-white coating material used beneath the cover glass.

Kuo did not elaborate further on the issue, however. (Source:

If fingerprint-sensing technology is eventually integrated into the Apple device, the technology would likely be used to authenticate the identity of an individual without the need for passwords and numerical codes.

"Killer iOS App" Could Make Use of Fingerprint Technology

Katy Huberty, an analyst with global financial services firm Morgan Stanley, insists that Apple also has plans to launch a "killer iOS app" for mobile payments that would make use of the fingerprint-sensing technology.

According to Huberty, Apple is comparing the new mobile payment app to Siri, the voice-activated navigation tool that has since become synonymous with the iPhone. (Source:

Like the iconic iPod music player, the iPhone 5S is expected to ship in a variety of colours. As for hardware specifications, experts believe it will use an A6X dual-core processor. A camera upgrade is also rumored, possibly up to 13-megapixels.

iPad Mini Getting Retina Display?

Apple is also reportedly working on bringing the popular Retina display to its iPad Mini tablet computer. Unfortunately, those same reports indicate that Apple is having trouble integrating the high-resolution screen.

Apple's plans for a lower-cost iPhone have also been plagued by manufacturing difficulties, specifically as it relates to casing. The company has been forced to revert back to plastic for the back of the iPhone, which it used in the first three iPhone models before switching to glass, and then metal. (Source:

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