'Floppy Office', and 'Hide My Ass'

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Floppy Office

Floppy Office is a collection of small, self contained no-install applications which enable the end use access to every tool, utility and program imaginable for home, business, and student users alike. All of the self-contained, standalone applications require no installation, whatsoever, and for this reason make the perfect companion software package for your USB stick. All one needs to do is to extract all the zip files containing each application to their USB, configure them to their liking, and they are all set. The applications included in this bundle are: a spreadsheet program, a zip utility, an FTP client, a multiple document interface Rich Text editor, a notepad-style editor, secure file shredder, encryption program, full POP email client, web server for hosting files via http, a mini tree-style outliner, vector graphics editor, and a PDF creator. Since these applications are so small, you may be wondering if these are all console applications. The answer is no -- they all have a conventional, intuitive, graphic user interface. Given the fact that Floppy Office is so small in size, this is definitely a software bundle worth having on your USB, or keeping around for a rainy day. It is the perfect portable office solution for anyone who is on the road a lot, or who finds themselves working on different PCs.


Hide My Ass

Free proxy server for anonymous surfing. And heck, it's a great web site name!


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