Family Ditches iPhones, iPads, Lives Like It's 1986

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A video of comedian Louis CK ranting about his kids' use of smartphones recently went viral on the Internet. But two Canadian parents are doing more than just complaining about their kids' obsessive smartphone use -- instead, they're ditching any and all gadgets released after 1986.

Guelph, Ontario's Blair McMillan (26) and girlfriend Morgan (27) say they grew tired of their two kids -- five-year-old Trey and two-year-old Denton -- constantly spending their days glued to various iDevices, including Apple's iPhone and iPad.

Blair was especially frustrated with his children's complete lack of interest in the outdoors or sports -- things Blair remembers being very keen on when he was their age.

No iPads, iPhones, or Cable TV

Blair's solution: ban any technology that has emerged since 1986, the year both Blair and Morgan were born. (Source:

The ban means more than no iPads or iPhones -- in fact, it also means the family is ditching everything from fancy coffee machines to computers and the Internet.

And the idea isn't just directed at young Trey and Denton -- Blair and Morgan are also committing to banking in person (rather than online). They're even developing rolls of film rather than using a photo printer at the local Wal-Mart.

Recently, the family went on a trip across the United States and only used paper maps. The kids, barred from their favorite touchscreen devices, had to settle for colouring books and stickers.

The only exception the McMillans are making: they refuse to ditch their 2014 Kia for a vintage 1980s ride, like a Ford Tempo or Dodge Colt. They have, however, removed the vehicle's global positioning system.

"It Feels Weird," 80s Dad Admits

"We're parenting our kids the same way we were parented for a year just to see what it's like," Blair said.

So, how does it feel to live like it's 1986 -- the same year we got Aliens, Alf, and "Addicted to Love"?

"It feels weird," Blair admitted. "It feels like we're really going back in time." (Source:

The McMillans say they plan to continue living like it's the mid-1980s until April 2014.

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