'No More Woof' Headset Reads Your Dog's Mind

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One of the most memorable episodes of "The Simpsons" involved Homer's brother inventing a technology that could translate baby talk. Now, one company believes it's got a device that can effectively turn your dog's thoughts into understandable English.

The device is called 'No More Woof' and is currently listed on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding website similar to Kickstarter. The makers of No More Woof hope to raise enough money to put their device into full production.

No More Woof is an odd-looking device. It fits over a dog's head like a PC gaming headset, but it adds a small Raspberry Pi computer, EEG recording equipment, and a loudspeaker.

Mind-Reader For Dogs

Together, these components supposedly allow No More Woof to pick up the "ionic current" flowing from a dog's brain.

A $65 version of the device allows a dog to express very basic feelings, including tiredness and curiosity. However, reports suggest that more expensive versions will allow for more sophisticated communication between dog and human.

Some phrases include "This is splendid!" "Leave me alone," "I am so very weary," "Who are you?" "Why are you guys leaving?" "Is that really you?" "Night-time!" and "He must be a very nice animal." (Source: boingboing.net)

'No More Woof' a Work in Progress

The Scandinavian inventors of No More Woof admit that much work still has to be done and say the device is still in its conceptual stage.

"Yes, we HAVE achieved some results, but we are very far from a mass-productable product," the company says.

"That said, we believe that within a few years the technologies we are working with will revolutionize our relation to pets and animals." (Source: engadget.com)

The most successful crowdfunding projects are typically those that can show a great deal of progress, or even a completed product.

Still, given how many Americans are obsessed with animals (and particularly dogs), the project is likely to draw a great deal of interest on this side of the Atlantic.

To watch a YouTube video showcasing No More Woof, click here.

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