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Today's Gazette is going to break away from our regular discussions to introduce two new members that have recently joined our Blogging Team. Besides that, I'm sick with a nasty bug (possibly the Flu) and I'm just not up to writing a whole lot. ;-)

First up is Sarah Perez (blog name: Sarah In Tampa): Sarah enjoys blogging about the latest technology buzz on the Internet. Her compositions are typically short-but-sweet and never fail to intrigue. Just recently, some of Sarah's remarks were featured on's BlogMa.

Next is Nick Tyrrell (blog name: Nick's Computer Security): Nick's specialty is on malware prevention and cleaning, and other emerging threats. Nick is very well known on a forum called Spyware Warrior and many other anti-Spyware websites. He also has recently started his own blog at, where he loves to share his "thoughts about computer security and how to combat malware, Trojans, and other junk."

I'm absolutely delighted to have both Sarah and Nick as part of our Blogging Team. And with this brief introduction out of the way, I'd like to introduce a few articles that were recently submitted by Sarah and Nick for your enjoyment:

2005/12/20 Remove SpyAxe (Removal Instructions)
2005/12/18 Protopage: Your new start page?
2005/12/18 IMRadio for Google Talk
2005/12/17 Gmail Goes Mobile!

After you're finished sampling the above articles, don't forget to visit Sarah and Nick's websites for more tidbits of technology news! The link to their sites are also included in the above article pages (in the header).

Having said that: I'd like to remind everyone that we are *still* looking for new Contributors to submit articles to our audience. If you have your own web site or blog and would  like to join our team, please send me brief message.

The link is:


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