'FBackup 5.0.414', and 'Anarchy Online Game Client 18.6.1'

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FBackup 5.0.414

Quickly and easily back up the files and folders stored on your computer with FBackup. This programs allows you to customize where you want to store your files, how you want to execute the back up, and when you want to schedule automatic backups. 


Anarchy Online Game Client 18.6.1

Anarchy Online is an entirely free massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). First launched more than a decade ago, Anarchy Online is one of the longest-running and most popular sci-fi themed MMORPGs on the web.


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I happily used FBackup for awhile but then found Cobain superior and have been using it since. It had an extra feature I was looking for. FBackup was reliable though.

Note that FBackup and Cobain are designed for File backup - for your documents and music and so forth. They're not good tools for a system backup of your OS and programs. For that, imaging tools are much better because they will backup in-use system files and such that regular backup programs can't.

On the other hand, recovery of an image is fiddlier if your system is down. You want immediate access to your documents, etc. And there is the advantage of file backup.
An extra step but it ensures recovery when you need it.

A weekly system image and a daily file backup to the same separate drive. Automate both.

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