'Encryption Pack For Ms Office', and 'Expired Cookies Cleaner'

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Encryption Pack for Ms Office

MS Office offers a simple way to protect a document by using a password entry. This provides a basic security for MS Word, Excel documents (.DOC, .XLS, .PPT) from unauthorized access. But security specialists do not recommend to use build-in MS Office security features. For example: take a quick browse through Google and you'll be able to turn up as many MS Office password crackers as you like. Encryption Pack for MS Office, on the other hand, is a great way to protect your documents using strong encryption.


Expired Cookies Cleaner

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) stores cookies in different files on your hard disk drive. The more you browse the web, the more cookies are stored on your PC. Each cookie has its own lifetime: from several seconds to several years. But IE does not remove expired cookies from your PC even though they expired at some point and will never be used. So, your hard drive can store several hundreds or even thousands unused and useless files. You can use Expired Cookies Cleaner software to remove expired cookie files and speed up your PC and free some disk space.


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