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A volunteer is someone who performs or offers to perform a service out of his or her own free will, often without payment. Every 5th of December is International Volunteer Day. People may volunteer to perform some work, e.g., of charitable character. Some volunteer for clinical trials or other medical research, and may even donate their bodies to science after their death.

Online Volunteer

An online volunteer is a person who contributes time and effort with an organization through an online connection, rather than in person. A wide variety of people from around the world are online volunteers and most are not technology professionals.

Online volunteers may provide advice, consultancy and perform remote administration tasks for the organization, usually a charity or non-profit organization. The practice of donating time online goes by other names, such as virtual volunteering, cyber service, tele-mentoring, e-volunteering, and cyber volunteering.

There are many opportunities for people to donate their services using the Internet. Online volunteers do a variety of tasks, such as translating documents, proofreading books, editing or preparing proposals, designing logos, researching information, developing strategic plans, reviewing budgets, creating web pages, designing flash presentations, moderating online discussion groups and managing other online volunteers.

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