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Movable Type is a proprietary weblog publishing system developed by a Californian-based company, called "Six Apart".

Movable Type is widely used and supports most popular weblogging features, including: user accounts, comments, TrackBacks, categories, and themes, and is extensible through a large library of third-party plug-ins. The TrackBack feature was actually originated by Six Apart, and version 2.2 of Movable Type was the first weblog publishing software to include support for it. Movable Type is free of charge for a single author, and paid licenses are available to allow more authors and weblogs on a single installation of the software.

Movable Type is written in Perl, and supports storage of the weblog's content and associated data within MySQL, Berkeley DB, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. The application supports static page generation (in which files for each page are updated whenever the content of the site is changed), dynamic page generation (in which pages are composited from the underlying data as the browser requests them), or a combination of the two technologies.

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