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Big news from! Yahoo announced Yahoo Go. Yahoo Go is actually a combination of 3 items: Yahoo Go Mobile, Yahoo Go PC and Yahoo Go TV.

Yahoo Go Mobile integrates Yahoo's services with a phone's built-in email, messaging, address book and calendar applications. So, if you lose your cell phone, your contact information isn't lost forever -- it's available online and can be synched with a new mobile phone. Now that is a NICE feature.

Yahoo Go PC will initially include a Yahoo Go Desktop dashboard that will allow you to keep your friends, contacts, news, mail and more, right on your desktop -- one click away. The Yahoo! Widgets Engine (formerly known as Konfabulator) will also be a big part of this feature. Check out Widgets 3.0 here.

Finally, Yahoo Go TV will bring Yahoo services to your television. This service is "coming soon." Yahoo published a press release that details some of the features of this new service.

Wow! Go Yahoo Go!

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