Google Toolbar v4 Review

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Google has unveiled its new toolbar for Internet Explorer, called Google Toolbar 4, and it is *loaded* with lots of cool and useful features.

One of the best new features is called "Custom Buttons." With Custom Buttons, you can add buttons to your toolbar that will let you visit and search your favorite websites and keep up with interesting feeds.

The Google Button Gallery has many buttons for popular sites, but you can also easily create your own.

The new Enhanced Search Box of Toolbar 4 uses what appears to be the Google Suggest feature to suggest popular searches. This makes searching that much faster.

The "Send To" button lets you send a link via email, text message, or lets you blog it (via, of course).

Finally, a Bookmarks feature lets you save favorites to your toolbar instead of your browser, so you can access them from anywhere, provided you have the Google Toolbar installed wherever "anywhere" is.

Interestingly, this beta launch offers an enterprise version of the toolbar. Designed for business, the enterprise version comes with an installer that makes it easy to distribute to multiple desktops. It offers some different features, like intranet search, plus features specifically for administrators, like a whitelist of approved websites and integration with Google Search appliances.

This could be the BEST Google toolbar ever!

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