Norton CleanSweep Replacement?

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Infopackets Reader 'Francoise' writes:

" Dear Dennis,

Thanks for a great web site. I've learned a lot reading your articles.

Question: I just bought a new computer and miss the CleanSweep from Norton System Works 2002 that I have on my old machine.

I have been looking around for a utility that removes most URL's from the Internet Explorer address toolbar but keeps those that I use often. CleanSweep had a way of leaving those that I use regularly and delete the others.

I tried a few apps that clear IE History but those pesky URLs are still there. Do you know of any utility (part of a bundle is OK) that does that? Thanks for your answer in anticipation. "

My response:

What you are referring to are called "Most Recently Used" items. MRU's are found all over Windows, including (as you pointed out) the Internet Explorer Address pulldown menu, the "Documents" Folder (click Start -& Documents to see what I mean), Windows Media Player, and many, many others.

The good news is that you can clear MRU entries using a specialized MRU cleaner. My favorite cleaner (hands down!) is WinOptimizer Platinum 3 by Ashampoo because it removes all the popular MRU spots, *plus* it does an exceptional job of removing other junk found all over the system. In short: WinOptimizer Platinum is an all-purpose cleaning utility and does a *heck* of a lot more than Norton CleanSweep.

Take a look at the WinOptimizer review for full details:

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