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Microsoft Fights Piracy with PopUp Notifications

Is Microsoft spying on you? The Redmond-based company will soon release a major update to their 'Windows Genuine Advantage' (WGA) program. The update will include an alert mechanism that informs users if they are using a pirated copy of Windows ... software. 1 Once installed, the Windows Genuine Advantage program beams popup notifications directly to the desktop. The notification will continue to pop up until your computer is running genuine Microsoft Windows. When you receive this message, you are left with the following two options: 1. You can click Resolve now to start the Get genuine Windows ... (view more)

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HD-DVD and Blu-ray Technology: The Future of DVD

On Friday, March 31st, Toshiba released the first-ever high-definition DVD (HD-DVD) player to Japanese consumers. The company said the new units would sell for an equivalent of $936 USD. (Source: ) Toshiba plans to release ... units in the US later this month with a cost of approximately $799, depending on features. HD-DVD is the next generation DVD format that stores data at greater densities needed for high-definition movies and television. There are two kinds of HD-DVD's: a 15GB single-layer disc, and the 30GB dual-layer with twice the capacity. In comparison, ... (view more)

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Critical Updates: Both Internet Explorer and FireFox

In following with Microsoft's "megapatch" on Tuesday , Mozilla Corporation updated its Firefox browser to patch a staggering 24 vulnerabilities. The new Firefox v1.5.0.2 includes 7 patches, with 5 of them marked critical. Mozilla Corporation also ... released 11 new patches for the older Firefox 1.5, and 15 for the Firefox1.0x line. Compared to Microsoft's every-second-Tuesday schedule, Mozilla Corporation releases their security updates erratically (their last update was in February, 2006). They now plan on moving to a schedule that will release their updates every six or eight weeks. ... (view more)


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