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Adobe Expected to Sue Microsoft

Adobe Systems, Inc. is expected to file an antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft due to a dispute over Microsoft's use of Adobe's PDF (Portable Document Format) software. Microsoft's Office suite currently includes PDF support, but Adobe wants its ... software to be removed and offered for a fee. The widely used PDF software allows users to create electronic documents and books. Microsoft previously included PDF support in test versions of Office 2007, but has opted to remove PDF from the suite entirely. (Source: ) Instead, Microsoft is integrating its own PDF/Postscript competitor, ... (view more)

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Legal Torrents

If you like to download content, but don't want the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) knocking at your door, then these sites are for you! You can download legal, non-copyright-protected torrents are Prodigem and Public Domain Torrents. ... At Prodigem , the content includes videos, podcasts, news, and other miscellaneous content. At Public Domain Torrents , the name is self-explanatory. The site has many movies, that, because of their age, exist in the public domain. So, lots of black-and-white classics can be found here, and lots of campy B-movies as well. Happy downloading! Read ... (view more)

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The Future of Morpheus Music City

Millions of Internet users got a big shock this week when a popular, free MP3-sharing client, Morpheus Music City, went offline. Before Morpheus became all the rage, Napster was known to the world as the premier music swapping program. What set ... Napster ahead of its competition was its ease of use, and most importantly -- its reliability and transfer speeds. Napster allowed millions of Internet users to locate and share music files through Napster's central computers (also known as "servers"). The Napster servers kept track of who signed in and out of Napster, who had what MP3, and ... (view more)


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