'Ie Scripter', and 'Shutdownxp Enforcer '

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Ie Scripter

Adds a toolbar to the Internet Explorer, allowing you to write scripts that executes and manipulates the loaded page's DHTML object model. The new toolbar exposes 5 buttons, each runs a script which can manipulate the DHTML object model of any page shown in the browser. You write the script in standard VBScript. You have automatic access to all the properties and methods of the IWebBrowser2 interface. Using the IWebBrowser2::Document property you get access to the DHTML Object Model and can manipulate the underlying web page just as you may wish. A goodie for web developers and testers. Testers can use this utility to automate test cases for DHTML applications.


Shutdownxp Enforcer

A very powerful tool to immediately force a shut down or restart of Windows 2000 and XP Operating System based computers. Use it only if you have serious reasons not to follow the ordinary Shutdown/Restart procedure (i.e. an application that refuses to close, a system freeze, etc.). It's a System Tray Application and uses a very small amount of resources when running. It gives you the ability to create Shutdown and a Restart shortcuts on your Desktop for the occasion of a System's Tray failure.


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