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Here's a tip for all the legal secretaries and paralegals out there.

Question: how many times has the attorney told you to prepare Interrogatories or Answers to Interrogatories? It takes a lot of time to type in the same word with a different number after it for each and every Interrogatory or Answer, doesn't it?

Not any longer!

Below are steps you can use to speed up this process and also give you an idea of how sequence fields work. Once you've mastered how to do this, I'm sure you'll find lots of different ways to use sequence fields in MS Word!

  1. Type Interrogatory and press the Spacebar.
  2. Press Ctrl+F9 to insert a field.
  3. Type SEQ, a space, and then Rog. When you are finished the field should look like this {SEQ Rog}.
  4. Press F9 to update the field. The number 1 appears.
  5. Select the text and the number.
  6. Pres Alt+F3 to create the AutoText entry. Type Rog for the AutoText entry name.
  7. To insert the entry, type Rog and press F3.
  8. To create entries for Requests for Production and Admission, follow the same steps. In Step 3, use different Identifiers After the sequence fields; for example, SEQ rfp and SEQ rfa. In step 6, use different AutoText entry names, such as rfp and rfa.

Now isn't that a lot easier and lots less key strokes for you? ;-)

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