Vulnerability in MS Office: 1Table.A Trojan

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Microsoft's Office and Word contain a critical security hole that has already been exploited by hackers. According to Panda Software Labs, 1Table.A arrives as seemingly harmless Word document, but unlocks a backdoor Trojan that allows a hacker to run code on a victim's computer.

Microsoft has released little to no information about the vulnerability affecting Office 2002/2003/XP and Word 2002/2003, but is already under pressure to fix the hole, as hacker attacks are surfacing via the dropper Trojan 1Table.A.

If a user runs 1Table.A, it exploits this security problem to release a backdoor Trojan called Gusi. This creates a backdoor on the computer that allows a remote attacker to take a series of actions. (Source:

It is unclear at this time when Microsoft will be able to issue a patch for the vulnerability in Office and Word. The company claims that the attack is "very limited" as of now and appears to be happening via the subject lines of "Notice" and "RE Plan for final agreement." (Source:

Since There is no patch released for the vulnerability the only effective protection at this time is simply to update your anti-virus software and to be careful which documents you open, especially any with unknown origins.

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