Change the Default Font: MS Word

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MS Word's default font is Times New Roman (12-point), a readable serif font suitable for most personal and business text. This default font setting is fine for most applications, but perhaps you'd like to distinguish your documents from run-of-the-mill by using a different font, such as Verdana.

Rather than continually having to change the font for all your documents, you can change the default font (once) via your preferences:

  1. There's no need to select text. Simply choose Format | Font and click the Font tab.
  2. Set the options you want to use as a default.
  3. Click the Default button.
  4. This opens the warning telling you that it will affect all new documents based on the Normal template. Click OK to make the change.

What happens behind the scenes is that Word changes the Normal style to reflect the new font format. Every document you create from now on will use the new font format as a default.

You've just saved yourself a lot of work!

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