Critical Updates for Windows and MS Office Announced

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Calling some of the bugs affecting Windows and Office "critical", Microsoft today announced that it will be releasing a free update/download on Tuesday to correct such problems.

Four updates will be issued for Windows, with three on the way for Office. At least one download for each application have been placed in Microsoft's "highest-risk" category, and the company encourages users to make the necessary changes as soon as the updates become available next week. (Source:

The download itself will be detectable through the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer and the Enterprise Scan Tool. It is possible that the updates will require the user to restart his/her system.

In addition, Microsoft will update its Malicious Software Removal Tool through a similar download next week. This update will be available across all of Microsoft's servers next week, as well. (Source:

Why the download? What's so critical?

Microsoft is remaining hush about what the "critical" updates are meant to upgrade. Users in touch with recent tech news are aware that similar downloads have led to the installation of Microsoft's Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA), the controversial anti-piracy program. The "Notifications" element of WGA -- the part that allegedly reports back to Microsoft headquarters on the legitimacy of user software -- has been purportedly installed through updates like those offered next week. (Source:

Although Microsoft is keeping quiet on the exact purpose behind the updates, they are offering a free webcast from their website, next Wednesday, July 12, to offer explanation of the downloads. The webcast will be shown here:


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