Print a Worksheet: MS Excel

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After you've spent time creating a workbook, you'll want to print a copy on paper. Although many files are only viewed electronically, paper copies are still used for several reasons:

  • To be able to examine the file away from the computer
  • To keep a copy as a permanent record
  • To send it in the mail or by fax

As soon as you click the Print button, you might see these items on your screen:

  • A dialog box opens explaining what is being printed. To stop the printing process, click Cancel.
  • A printer icon appears on the right side of the taskbar, near the clock.

A single copy of the worksheet you see on the screen will come rolling out of the printer -- assuming, of course, that your computer is attached to a printer, the printer is on, and the printer has paper in it.

Note: You can also print your workbook using the Ctrl + P shortcut.

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