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In a pair of recent surveys on brand power and popularity in Britain and the United States, Microsoft dominated and dropped out of the top ten in each, respectively.

In a public survey by consultant agency Superbrands and research group YouGov, Microsoft launched into first in the hearts of British voters. The poll, conducted by a group considered "industry experts", asked 2,373 members of the public what brand they felt was the most reliable, distinct, and routinely showed the best quality.

In the provided list of some 500 companies, Microsoft, to the astonishment of many UK tech insiders, finished first. Runners up include Mercedes at fourth, Porsche at fifth, Google at seventh, and Sony rounding out the top ten. (Source: theinquirer.net)

However, when it came to the U.S., Microsoft might want to stay on the road. In a slightly smaller Harris poll of 2,351 Americans, Sony finished first, while one of Microsoft's oldest rivals, Apple, pushed the Redmond-based company out of the top ten.

The Harris poll simply asked Americans to think for a second on the brands they considered the "best", and while Toyota, Ford, and Honda were all popular, not enough blurted out Bill Gates' company to warrant top-ten achievement. Also on the outside looking in: General Motors. (Source: macworld.co.uk)

Tech writers in the UK appear to be somewhat ashamed of the voting, with one website calling Microsoft's win "slick propaganda". (Source: theinquirer.net)

Guess it really ain't easy to be on top, even if it is half a world from home.

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