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When you make a small mistake in entering data in a cell using MS Excel, you can easily retype, but if you make a larger error, such as clearing cells by mistake, you need to use the Undo feature. Undo brings back the information that you thought was gone.

Excel keeps a record of changes you make to your worksheet, and you can choose to undo the last one -- or as many as you want -- in reverse order. Then if you change your mind and want to do the changes again, you can simply use Redo.

Undo only works on changes that you've made during the current session, so you can't undo procedures if you closed the worksheet and opened it again. It also doesn't work on operations that do not result in changes, such as printing or saving.

It's common enough to make a mistake and immediately regret it. Excel enables you to backtrack.

The Undo and Redo buttons work for a single operation or for multiple actions.

  • To reverse the last action, click the Undo button.
  • To undo several actions, click the down arrow next to the Undo button and drag to select as many actions as you want to reverse.
  • To redo the last item you used Undo on, click the Redo button.
  • To redo several actions you used Undo on, click the down arrow next to Redo and drag to select as many actions as you want to restore.

The change you made by mistake is reversed. You'll find the Undo and Redo features quite handy as you continue to modify and format worksheets.

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