PS2 Device to Upgrade Games and DVDs to Higher Definition

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Not ready to upgrade to a shiny new PlayStation 3 (PS3), Xbox 360, or one of those newfangled Blu-Ray or HD-DVD players you keep hearing about?

If you already own a High-Definition Television (HDTV) and a Sony PS2, Xploder may have the solution. The company is readying devices they claim will allow your PS2 to play games in high definition and DVDs in enhanced definition.


Xploder's press release lists the following options:

  • Select a HD 720p or 1080i setting to give a clearer, crisper picture quality for all PS2 games.
  • Play games in Enhanced Definition (ED) TV 480p mode; a higher resolution for improved image quality.
  • Choose from a variety of superior VGA options.


A different press release from the company promises the ability to play DVDs on the PS2 in enhanced definition mode. Nothing is mentioned about the high definition settings touted for its game upgrade.

Other Information

The game and DVD devices will be available for both NTSC (North American) and PAL (U.K.) PS2 systems.

They will both run on the PS2 the same way, according to their respective press releases:

"Driven by proprietary Xploder software, you simply put the disc in the PS2 console and use the simple on-screen interface to select the optimum configuration for your system (HD, ED or VGA modes) from the options menu." (Source: 1 and 2)

Fact or Fiction?

No release dates or prices have been announces yet -- and tech users at were quick to offer their criticisms:

"The PS2 already supported 480p (progressive regular tv) with component cables," says 'TimeDoctor'. "What this isn't going to do is actually 'upgrade the output'. Unless it involves replacing internal ps2 hardware, [which] can't upgrade the video output."

Another Gizmodo reader, 'rbf2000', points out: "Some games (e.g. Gran Turismo 4) already support 1080i output via the component cables."

"I don't really understand the point of this [device]," he continues. "If the game doesn't natively support the format, you might as well just leave it in [its] original format, or if you have a fixed resolution TV, let the TV do the converting. No reason to resize the image more than is necessary."

'Gary' is flat-out skeptical, saying that everything "hinges on said device actually doing what it says it can do and how it does it."

"This is like those blowdryer-type devices they sell for cars that will 'instantly add 20-30% more horsepower'," according to 'makanai'. "Well, sorta. I mean neither of them work, but unlike the blowdryer thing atleast this probably won't make your PS2 'splode. Of course, given the name of the company," he cracks, "I could be wrong."

"This has as much chance of working as those little cellphone antenna stickers..." says 'Pete' (Source:

Until Xploder actually releases these products, there will be no clear answers available.

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