Thoughts on the iPod Phone

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It seems the iPod is everywhere these days.

Recently, Infopackets discussed the announcement by Ford, GM, and Mazda that Apple and its iPod would be fully integrated in many future models. However, the most reasonable and yet elusive place for the iPod is the cellular phone market. There are rumblings an announcement will be made by Apple in the coming months on such a product, but many insiders are skeptical about how it will work.

Without a question, there is a place for an iPod phone. A significantly powerful one -- and we're talking more than 50-100 songs -- could effectively combine the industry's two "must-have" gadgets. As outside industries, like the automakers discussed above, are more and more willing to jump onto the Apple bandwagon, we could be talking about one powerful all-in-one peripheral.

The main sticking point for most critics is the price. When the possibility of an iPod phone was discussed in the past, providers like Cingular were hesitant to jump on board and subsidize costs.

In addition, Apple's name sells, a fact that presents both positives and negatives. Some believe they are able to market their digital players for many dollars more than they're worth, based on name-brand alone. Surely, the competition from Samsung, Sony, and, eventually, Microsoft would agree. And that could present a problem for partners in the cellular industry who need to keep costs consistent. (Source:

This isn't the first time the idea has been discussed, by any measure. In the past, price was the major problem, with Cingular and Verizon holding back because the venture simply did not show the profit margins necessary to launch such a massive project. Consumers anxious for a cell-Pod should consider that it could cost significantly more to download to their phone than the standard iPod. (Source:

These days, it's hard to imagine an Apple product failing. However, it still remains uncertain whether that company could tap into the constantly evolving cellular market.

Personally, the only thing this writer is concerned about are drivers simultaneously talking on a phone AND flipping through music playlists. Now THAT'S an accident waiting to happen.

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