The Next-Gen Chronicles II: Sony Announces 4 Million PS3s by Year-End

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The most significant problem with Microsoft's Xbox 360 console was not the alleged disc-reading hiccups or the reportedly faulty systems. No, the real issue with the Xbox 360 when it launched was that very few people, even some with preorders, could actually get their hands on the console. The limited number of 360s in North America created a mass outcry over Microsoft's handling of the launch, and seriously hurt the Big M's console reputation.

Having witnessed that little November 2005 debacle, Sony is assuring the media that the Playstation 3 (PS3) will not have such issues. Despite the fact that manufacturing has yet to begin, Sony is informing anyone and everyone interested that 4 million units of its latest console will be ready by the end of 2006. (Source:

Skepticism over the release date of the Playstation 3 has been strong for some time. Although Sony remains determined to launch the PS3 on November 11 in Japan and five days later in North America, sources reveal that the console has yet to be put into full production. And for those tracking the PS3's release schedule, it's no surprise. The system has been shown very little since it was announced some time ago, and very few screenshots of games have made their way to fan sites.

Although Sony has clearly been the dominant console producer in the last two gaming generations, the manufacturing of four million systems in less than four months seems daunting to even the most aggressive and loyal Playstation fanboy.

As for Microsoft, it is now settling in nearly a year after its own launch stumbles. Just recently, it announced new plans for its 360 online service, Xbox Live. The most sensational of these announcements was the soon-to-be released Xbox Live vision camera, which will allow players online to see (and taunt) one another. (Source:

As the release of the PS3 nears, it should be interesting to view both the PS3's birth and the steady growth of Microsoft's 360.

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