Microsoft Takes Zune to FCC

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As Microsoft has finally thrown its "Zune" portable music player -- an intended competitor for Apple's immensely popular iPod -- to the FFC for patent protection, further specifications of the device are becoming available. Perhaps the most surprising new tidbit of information is the fact that Toshiba will be the main manufacturer of the product, which for now is code-named "Toshiba 1089."

We've been covering the Zune for some time now, and most of you know that it will directly compete with Apple's popular digital player. With Microsoft's introduction of the device to the FCC, a few features are more evident than before, including a 30GB hard drive, FM radio tuner, and a sizeable 3-inch screen. (Source:

Of course, many techies are getting most excited over "Pyxis," the present code word for the Zune's wireless internet, or WiFi, connection. Insiders are reporting that the Pyxis network allows one Zune owner to act as a sort of DJ for four other Zunes around him or her, transmitting their own downloaded music. Bloggers at CNET News have even dubbed the machine the "interpersonal music player." (Source:

The licensing of the Zune to Toshiba should save Microsoft a lot of trouble in ramping up production lines, freeing the company to concentrate on its many other fall ventures (Vista, mainly).

One other note: as of now, reports are that the Zune will be offered in three very traditional colors, including white, black, and brown. That's not exactly a rainbow of choice ;-). (Source:

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